CodeMino is an educational platform that offers a complete curriculum focusing on teaching the basic principles of algorithm creation, coding and game design with a simple to difficult gamification model consisting of 5 different games and 316 stages.

Computurel Thinking

It supports problem solving, critical thinking, and understanding the relationship between human-computer interaction.

Text-based and Block-based coding

It teaches real programming languages with the help of block codes thanks to the Block and Text Code editor working synchronously.


It motivates children with the scenario-based gamification method and adds fun to the learning process.

Education Curriculum

Whether you are a teacher or a student, our games have a curriculum system that supports and guides your learning process.

Why is learning to code important for kids?

Computers and technology are now in all areas of life. Learning in computer science and STEM gives children valuable skills for the future and also improves their vital skills such as computational thinking, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and effective communication.

Coding training focuses on how to approach complex problems, break down challenges into small pieces and solve them logically.

Where to start learning coding?

The popularity of computer science is increasing rapidly following the business trend in the industry. Learning to code at a young age prepares your child for the world of the future.

Teaching early children to write code can be started with block-based coding tools. CodeMino teaches children the basics of algorithm and coding with fun, with a gamification model that progresses from simple to difficult. They can easily start learning coding without any prior knowledge.

How is CodeMino different from other apps?

Designed according to international computer science education standards for children.

With the gamified education method, coding makes learning fun.

5 different games developed for different age groups consist of 316 stages in total.

In addition to block-based coding, he teaches real programming languages Python and Javascript.

The artificial intelligence powered engine controls the progress and levels of the students.